Frequently Asked Questions

Does Minster Fencing supply & install steel Panel or Chain Wire Fences?

Yes, Minster Fencing specializes in fences & gates made from galvanized steel, such as: Chain-link Fabric, Tubular and Welded Mesh fences & gates.

What are the opening hours of Minster Fencing Pty Ltd

Minster Fencing is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 4.30pm. You may contact Shane Managing Director 0414 564 845 Or via email:

Where is Minster Fencing Located?

We are located at Simcock Street in Sommerville, Factory address
2/23 Industry Boulevard Carrum Downs 3201 Contact Shane Managing Director 0417 312 576 Or via email:

Does Minster Fencing install fences & gates?

Yes. Minster Fencing has a long and proud history of installation four generations in fact, specializing in; Chain-link Fabric, Tubular, Welded Mesh & Metal Clad fences & gates. Minster Fencing has built its reputation on quality, combined with efficient and reliable workmanship.

Does Minster Fencing offer no obligation, free quotes?

Yes. Please contact Minster Fencing to seek a quote for your new fence and or gates. Or Click Here

What is the difference between: Chain-link Fabric & Chain-Wire Mesh?

Nothing, both describe the same product. In fact, other descriptions commonly used are: Cyclone mesh, Cyclone wire, Tennis Court Mesh, Chain wire or Chain mesh.

Who pays for the cost of a boundary fence?

Generally, the two title boundary owners (neighbors) are both responsible for the boundary fence. They should share equally the cost of repair or construction of a “standard fence”. The term “standard fence” is not formerly defined in the legislation, although the legislation does state that a fence should be “sufficient for the purposes of both occupiers”. The term is generally taken to mean a fence of the kind and standard usually constructed in that area or estate.

What to do if you want a new boundary fence?

Firstly, contact your neighbor to see if you can agree on the need for a new fence, the type of fence, and who will organize it. You should also discuss its physical placement, which ideally should be on the title boundary line. Then seek a written quotation from a Fencing contractor and copy of it for your neighbor. The quotation should specify the length, height and type of fence, as well as the cost. It should include the cost of removing the existing fence, if applicable.

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